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Calling any and all entrepreneurs, knowledge workers, designers, engineers, and creative & technical services individuals who want to be part of what’s going on here in Knowledge Park in the historic center of Rock Hill, SC.


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Happenings, past events, successes, progress, and more.

Current Programs

The Knowledge Park Innovation Initiative is an effort underway currently by Rock Hill Economic Development Corporation, City of Rock Hill, Winthrop University, York Technical College, and a list of private sector partners as well. Current programs include:


Technology Incubator

Fab Lab

A Creative Laboratory

The Connected Village

A Revitalized Old Town

Knowledge Park is at the center of the Old Town of Rock Hill. It stretches from Winthrop University through the old textile corridor and spills into the historic main streets.

A New Culture and Economy

Knowledge Park is emergently bustling with tech, science, and service businesses creating a compelling culture of pizza, coffee, and craft beer.

Upcoming Events


York Technical College has released the schedule for their STEAM summer camps. There are 18…

On May 23, 2016, Sidewalk Development LLC unveiled the plans for the new University Center…

Knowledge Park is finalizing another new initiative that creates a portal for both local knowledge…

The 26 acre area between downtown Rock Hill and Winthrop University is called the Bleachery…

Today a few members of the Knowledge Park Innovation Committee met at Winthrop University with David…

“Wired Hack 15.3 went well!  We had seven teams participate.  Two teams from York Technical…

Hear from one of our interns placed by the Talent Pipeline Program Madison Altman, RevenFlo…

A meeting was held on Oct. 22 for the community to discuss alternative transportation opportunities…

From the Inside

  • Katie Stacks

    Marketing, Family Trust Federal Credit Union

    "As a Rock Hill native who graduated from Winthrop, made my career at the credit union that was born from the Bleachery, (even has family members who worked there), to me Knowledge park is the most exciting thing to happen to Rock Hill. I can’t wait for Family Trust’s headquarters to open right across the street from where it all began. What a view it will be watching Knowledge Park develop and change this city over the next few years."
  • Brendan Kuhlkin

    Owner, Millstone Pizza and McHale's Irish Pub

    "There's energy here. I wouldn't be so invested in the place if I didn't feel it and see it every day."
  • Anne Berger

    Knowledge Park's Speaker's Conference Review

    ""It was really interesting, I loved the part of the presentation about the explanation of the city of Rock Hill. I cannot wait to come back in five years and see how it has expanded.""

    - Anne Berger, Winthrop International Student

  • Micah Troublefield

    Director of Multimedia, RevenFlo

    "I live and work in the Knowledge Park area, so I get to see first-hand every day how much downtown Rock Hill is thriving and growing. There is a great local art and music scene, businesses that are doing innovative and important things, and some great places to grab a beer or a coffee. I'm excited to watch the area continue to flourish, to eat the food at future restaurants, and to see what or who is attracted here next."
  • Justin Smith

    Principal, Vinyet Architecture

    "The development of Knowledge Park serves a much greater purpose than just a literal connection to downtown; it is bridging a generational gap by introducing new approaches to design and use of space on a historic site. The appeal of the visionaries' plan is something Rock Hill has been longing for and as a local, growing architecture firm we are excited about its opportunities."
  • Chiquita Walker

    E-Commerce Manager, Springs Creative

    "Knowledge park provides a little bit of everything. Great spot for lunch and happy hour gatherings after a long day’s work…and so conveniently located!"

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