A friend of mine came up to me in February 2015 and told me about an opportunity she saw for a paid internship position with Knowledge Park. Being a senior in college, two things stood out to me:

1) The word “paid”

2) The potential to gain experience in my field

I was already enrolled in a career development class where we were learning about the job search and how to perfect our resume, cover letters, interviews, and portfolio. Each day we had a guest speaker on how to best market ourselves and that is where I met the Career Consultant from Winthrop University’s Career and Civic Engagement, Goldie Gildehaus.

Once I caught wind of the job posting I knew I wanted this job and was determined to land that interview. So, I decided to start researching Knowledge Park to have an understanding of their organization. After I did my background research I went to Goldie’s office where she helped me craft a cover letter, and resume through my experiences to match what Knowledge Park was looking for. And what do you know; I landed that interview, and ultimately the job.

My point here is if you want that job or that internship, you need to be proactive about it. Take an extra initiative to prepare for it, make yourself stand out from the rest. Have confidence, go in there and show the company you have something to offer that they need.

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