Last week I attended the Stepping Up Into Technical Leadership meetup at The Hive. Our guest speaker was John Rouda from Comporium Communications. He spoke on the topic of leadership in the workforce and how it is possible for anyone to be a leader. From this meetup I took away a few key points:

1) The 7 38 55 Rule: Meaning when communicating with the public only 7% of the message are the words you chose to use. 38% is from the tone of voice, and the most important is the body language which counts for 55% of your message.

2) Email translation: It is easier to email but, it is easier to lose the original translation. A great rule of thumb Mr. Rouda presented us with is that after 4 email replies back and forth, pick up the phone and call the person you are in communication with. It is always better to talk to a human voice because it helps clarify your intentions.

3) Biology of Leadership: This was the most interesting fact to me. It breaks down the science behind leadership into 4 concrete categories. The categories are as follows: dopamine, endorphin, oxytocin, and serotonin.

Dopamine is the “get it done” chemical, endorphin is the endurance chemical, oxytocin is the chemical that makes us feel good about leading others, and lastly serotonin is the pride chemical which allows us to feel accomplished. Together all of these chemicals work to create a wonderful leader.

4) “Leaders are not born, they are made from hard work” This was my favorite quote Mr. Rouda used during the meetup. He explained to us that if someone takes charge that people will let them lead. It is important to understand that a title is not necessary to be a great leader.

This meetup was a wonderful experience and I took away so much more from it than I realized. Mr. Rouda was an excellent speaker and did a wonderful job keeping the audience engaged.

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