I was excited, anxious, and of course nervous my first week of work. I woke up extra early and probably changed my outfit several times. From the moment I was hired at the City of Rock Hill I felt extremely welcomed. It has been a wonderful opportunity that has allowed me to challenge my current skills and develop new ones. Working for the City of Rock Hill is nothing like I expected. I came in thinking that working here was going to be intimating with people would be wearing full suits and neck ties daily. Much to my surprise the people in my department ended up being extremely nice, funny, laid back, and I do not think I have seen anyone wear a tie but a few times so far. Not to mention my first week I got free food twice. Also, they are even cool with me bringing my new puppy into the office for a visit!

I am a 2015 Winthrop University graduate with a degree in Integrated Marketing Communication. My position title is the Social Media Coordinator for Knowledge Park (KP). In this position I am able to implement my marketing skills and knowledge to help brand KP via the internet. The courses I took as an undergrad at Winthrop such as Public Relations Principals, Consumer Behavior, Advertising Principals, Computer Science, and Public Relations Writing have proven to be very helpful for my position.

My daily tasks typically include:

  • Creating content for social media outlets such as: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram
  • Organizing and executing social media campaigns. For example, each month I run a Facebook campaign to attract people to “like” our page and check out our website. I plan out when the best time would be to advertise our page and I figure out how many people I want to target/reach.
  • Creating and updating content for the KP website via WordPress
  • Creating analytics reports to track social media statistics
  • Creating marketing materials to brand KP

Working as the Social Media Coordinator for Knowledge Park is exciting for me because it allows me to connect with Winthrop University, York Tech, Clinton College, and businesses downtown. It is rewarding for me to see what Knowledge Park has done for the City of Rock Hill, such as their Technology Incubator, Talent Pipeline Program, Workforce Research, Specialized Training Summer Camps, and the educational spaces for York Tech and Winthrop. I do believe with all of the great things they have done so far that they will continue to enhance our community.

” I enjoy working with Knowledge Park and I think the vision is excellent. The Rock Hill Community is continuing to enhance as a result.”
– Kim Branham

So far, through a grant from the SC Department of Commerce, the City has created an outstanding internship program for businesses in the Knowledge Park called the Talent Pipeline Program. This program provides a “pipeline” of talented student interns from Winthrop, York Tech, and Clinton College with skills that include computer science, marketing, critical thinking and writing. The internship program provides beneficial professional experience to the interns and helps the local economy by providing a pipeline of talented knowledge workers for current and future businesses. Recent activities in KP have included technology based summer camps for students of all ages, hackathons (where a groups of computer programmers, graphic artists, and software developers work in a given timeframe to create a project), and have created technology based spaces for Winthrop and York Tech. The space KP has created for Winthrop is called Maker’s Space which is housed in the Rutledge Building, for York Tech KP has created a Fab Lab which is housed in their “C” building. For both educational institutes KP has created the Hive Business Center which is located in the Citizen’s Building downtown.

Working for the City of Rock Hill and Knowledge Park so far has been an amazing overall experience. I have had many opportunities to get my feet wet and transition into the professional world.

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