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What is it?

The Talent Pipeline Program is a program funded by the SC Innovation Challenge Grant which the City of Rock Hill was awarded. We are looking to build upon the success of the Talent Pipeline Program and move beyond the pilot program. It is designed to build supportive relationships among educational institutes, technology based businesses, and students in the area. The grant will be used to pay for 1-half the cost of internships for up to 38 students.

Purpose of the Talent Pipeline Program

The purpose of this project is to grow the pipeline between students preparing for careers in the IT industry and local IT employers seeking individuals with specific skills. Local IT employers are challenged to find new employees with the skills necessary for a hands-on experience. The ultimate goal is to develop these students and their skills through effective experience . Meanwhile, many Winthrop and York Tech students training for IT careers seek local part-time employment to offset the costs of education to build their technology skill sets.


Who are we targeting?

The Talent Pipeline hopes to recruit students pursuing computer science, business administration – computer information, systems concentration, and digital information design degrees. These majors encompass the desired technology-based skills of the participating businesses within the Talent Pipeline Program. Students should be entering their junior or senior year at Winthrop or completing their third semester of their Computer Technology Associate Degree (concentration include Programming Specialization and Advanced Wed Programming) are eligible to participate in the program.



For additional information on the Talent Pipeline Program contact Frank Keel at 803.326.3834 or

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