What is it?

The Hive is a place of experiential learning. Equipped with high-speed Internet and mobile furniture and technologies, the space transforms itself for workshops, classes, hackathons, devcamps, and more.


Colony Co-Work Space

The Colony Co-Work Space gets its name as an outgrowth from The Hive, an experiential learning place in the heart of Knowledge Park. The Colony Co-Work offers shared office space where independents, small teams, and startups can produce products, deliver services, and work on new ideas. Co-workers can escape isolated, distracted, or unprofessional work settings and realize benefits from collaboration, social interaction, and a professional business environment. The community of people working separate yet together is the value-added to the physical space.


The Hive is a partnership between York Technical College, the City of Rock Hill, and Comporium Communications. Other participants have included Winthrop University, the Rock Hill School District, and a list of private sector business participants who both conduct and attend events at the Hive. Public/private partnership has been at the core of the Hive from its beginnings as a pilot project designed collaboratively by RevenFlo and York Technical College.


The Hive Business Center (HBC) provides services to start-ups and small businesses. The HBC is run by York Technical College students on campus to provide administrative services such as development of marketing materials, data entry, database development, small local area network setup, accounting system set-up, etc. The HBC is open Monday-Friday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and can be reached at 803-981-7397 or


The Hive is an interactive space with advanced presentation and workshop technologies. The furniture is comprised of rolling tables, chairs, and desks for maximum environmental customization. The space hosts programming of all kinds and is available for rent to the public.

Caleb and Chris talk about their time at The Hive



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