A meeting was held on Oct. 22 for the community to discuss alternative transportation opportunities in the Knowledge Park. There was an excellent turn out and the Community Room of Family Trust Federal Credit Union was full. The meeting was led by members of the Knowledge Park Leadership Group.

Speakers included:

1) Lee Gardner, CEO, Family Trust Federal Credit Union

2) Matt Dosch, Executive Vice President of Customer Operations & External Affairs, Comporium Communications

3) David Lawrence, Knowledge Park Development Manager, City of Rock Hill

4) Andy Shene, Chairmain, Knowledge Park Leadership Group

5) Tim Elliott, Principal, Sora-Phelps Rock Hill, LLC

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss how possible transportation opportunities could stimulate economic development in Knowledge Park. A secondary outcome would be connecting Downtown Rock Hill with other areas in the city.  Suggestions included an Esplanade (a community walkway), Modern Bus, Trolley Bus, and finally a Streetcar. HDR, Inc. has been working on a transportation alternatives feasibility study for over one year. Representatives from the Knowledge Park Leadership Group visited select cities with different transportation systems. These visits allowed them to examine what other cities have done with their transportation systems and their results. After the visits, listening to HDR’s research and professional expertise, and an examination of Knowledge Park’s goals and opportunities, the Knowledge Park Leadership Group will recommend a preferred alternative to City Council.

Currently Knowledge Park has 13 different properties within the identified geographical area. These properties are listed here. At the moment there is no uniform connection to these properties, which is where the Streetcar System comes into place.

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