Hear from one of our interns placed by the Talent Pipeline Program Madison Altman, RevenFlo

“A couple of days ago I celebrated my six-month anniversary at RevenFlo. My first few months were spent as an intern and now I have moved on to part-time employee, and post graduation in December (yay!) I will start working full-time as the Social Media Coordinator.

This being my first “big girl job”, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a web/advertising company like RevenFlo. The day before my interview I was e-mailing Chance, our Director of Accounts, and she told me to dress casual and that I could even leave my nose ring in for the interview. Already, I liked this place. The interview was very laid back and I immediately felt like I could work well with the RevenTeam.

Ever since coming to Winthrop University, I always dreamed I would graduate and get a “big girl job” in Charlotte.

Reasons why I’m glad I chose RevenFlo:

  1. The size. Our company is small – only about ten employees, so I can remember everyone’s name. Seriously though, it is awesome to work along side people and know more about them than their name and job title.
  2. The people. Our team is fully functional and totally rad. Everyone is different and unique, but all of our passions seem to run along the same lines. Technology, arts, nonprofits, and education – just to name a few.
  3. The environment. There are no rules for decoration, each employees has their own desk and can hang art and pictures and whatever else they please. I’m sure there are limits but no one has pushed them yet.
  4. The coffee. My schedule is insane trying to balance RevenFlo, school, and three little boys I nanny. It never fails that when I get to RevenFlo there is coffee. And it is freakin’ good.
  5. The knowledge. I’m the youngest employee, and as a General Business major – I lack some skills in the web design area. But no one is ever too busy to answer a question for me, and always willing to explain something I don’t quite understand.

Thanks to the City of Rock Hill for the awesome opportunity as an intern, which has now turned into a full-time position. I feel very fortunate to work alongside awesome people doing awesome work!”


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