“Wired Hack 15.3 went well!  We had seven teams participate.  Two teams from York Technical College (YTC ), one professional team made up of a 2004 CPT graduate and his colleague, and four teams from Winthrop (one of those teams also had an YTC CPT graduate who now is enrolled at WU).
Winner Are As Follows:
1st) Team Samurai: Ben Kohler, William Drescher, Justin Clevenger, and Chad Morton
 From York Technical College, each team member won $300.
2nd) Team Number Six: Noah Weber, Ethan Hanner, Michael Threet, and Cynthia Wolff
From Winthrop, each team member won $200.
3rd) Team #Other Army of Two: Zachary James Gordon and Renee Kimbrell
From Winthrop. they each won $100.
The teams worked diligently throughout the night Friday with a few naps in between.  Work continued on Saturday until 1 p.m.  At that time, the teams began putting together their presentations.   Everyone rallied during that time and the environment became more animated and jovial.The judges – Greg Donnelly from Comporium Communications, and Thomas Hopkins from Red Ventures – came in shortly thereafter and the presentations began at 2 p.m.  The judges used a scoring rubric and asked each team questions during and after their presentations.  Judging deliberation took most of an hour.  Winners were announced at 4 p.m.
The teams were provided with pizza for dinner on Friday evening, Hardee’s biscuits for breakfast, and sandwiches from Jimmie John’s.  In addition, lots of snacks of fruit, crackers, candy, water, soft drinks, and energy drinks were provided.  Funding for the event was through a Department of Commerce Innovation Challenge Grant.
Professor Andrew Besmer from Winthrop and James Thomas from York Technical College put the event together and recruited the teams.”
– Edie Dille
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